Education or Work Experience – Which Comes First?

Should we attach our photo to resume? It is a dilemma situation whether or not to attach a photo, and it will take a long discussion to soundly address such seemingly simple question. To properly value the importance, let’s set back a while by disclosing some pros and cons: 


  • It can potentially upgrade our value if the employer likes us; little chance, however.
  • Good-looking appearance is one of the job requirements.


  • Preliminary biased conclusion by looking at our picture could put us unfavorably.
  • Unfavorable personal preference quite often taking into account in the hiring process makes our chance for an interview get smaller.As you may see, a straight answer is hard to be drawn simply because we’re in Indonesia. In western-developed countries such as US, an employer asking for an applicant’s photo or the applicant putting his/her photo on resume can be considered unethical and against the ethical law of equal opportunity. What about in Indonesia? No such law has been in existence. However, there exist some useful guidelines as follows.

First, do we want to be valued in professional and/or non-professional ways?

  • I want to be valued in a professional way because I want to be considered a true professional. Please don’t put a colorful photo. A black and white 3 X 4 sized photo with low color density should be enough.
  • I want to also be considered in a non-professional way because I do not have enough the appropriate skills to offer and because my face is so charming, which is one of the requirement of the job I’m currently pursuing. Please then put a colorful photo with high color density.

Second, do we apply to a bona fide multinational company /headhunter or non-bona fide multinational / local company? If the former, please put a black and white 3 X 4 sized photo. If the latter, please put a colorful photo. All are with low color/black & white density.

Finally, what if we do not attach any photo? It should be acceptable as long as the advertised vacancy does not explicitly state such requirement. What if the requirement states so but we still prefer not to attach to? It finally comes back to us whether or not we believe attaching photo is more appropriate.


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