Accomplishment vs. Responsibility (1)

Busy..busy..busy..vacation..and before getting busy again, like to share some more knowledge.

Without looking at a dictionary to search for the definition, what’s major difference of Accomplishment (also called Achievement) and Responsibility?

Let’s put this way:

When one has a job, he should have responsibilities attached to his position. Therefore, everybody has his own responsibilities as long as he has a job. The higher the position, the more sophisticated the responsibilities, yet those cannot be considered accomplishments.

If someone does beyond his responsibilities, then it’s called accomplishment. Whether or not he later may earn additional bonus because of making such accomplishment is different story. Accomplishment is not part of daily job, and we also feel more or stronger self-satisfaction.

Lots of candidates, even those with long list of complicated/refined responsibilities, were not able to respond when asked for accomplishments. Then, from employers’ perspective, they were not different at all from others applying for the same position.

One secretary ever raised some concern during the seminar, “I work everyday from 8 to 5 doing the same routine secretarial job. My boss always makes me busy because he leads 200 employees ….. I don’t think I have made some accomplishment at all, and I don’t even have time to think how to make one accomplishment in the future.”

We asked her to list down on a piece of paper what she did everyday. Later, we asked her again to write down on another piece of paper what she has done non-regularly or any items other than those listed on the first paper. Finally, we asked her to choose which one (or two) of the non-regular items she felt greatest self-satisfaction and to provide the reason. She came up with one small filing project; she arranged all documents in such a way and created a complete list in excel with automatic link to individual details. That simple but outstanding accomplishment makes her different from other secretaries!


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