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Accomplishment vs. Responsibility (2)

Given the previous example, it’s obvious that everybody can or should have accomplishment; from graduate or entry-level to professional in the top position.

Pay attention when disclosing accomplishment:

  1. Never take credit for someone’s or team’s accomplishment. Be honest. If you’re part of the team, say it clearly.
  2. Always come together with positive result(s). One sentence of accomplishment without positive result(s) is considered responsibility, non-understandable or inappropriate. It’s like demonstrating a sports car without describing how many seconds it takes to reach 100 km per hour.
  3. Never boost the positive result(s) – always be honest. Quantifiable result is preferred but not definitely absolute value.
  4. Put positive result(s) before action that triggers such result. Positive result triggers readers’ interest in knowing how to make it.
  5. Because accomplishment has higher selling point, it should be placed before responsibilities in a resume. The higher the position, the more accomplishments readers expect to see, the higher chance to be called for an interview.

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