Personal Characteristics

Willingness to accept responsibility, hard-worker, analytical thinker, customer-focused, smart, easy-going….etc.

We can put all such characteristics in resume or cover letter, but unfortunately they may not provide us higher selling point. In fact, the more we write, the more readers will distrust.

It’s acceptable to include such personal jargons but only to some extent. Otherwise, we’re assumed not being honest or not knowing well ourselves.

Always avoid putting too many personal characteristics words in our resume. Three or four words should be enough, and each should be supported with at least one content in the resume or it is a personal trait summary derived from some contents in the resume.

For example: “Customer-focused and experienced in dealing with cross-functional departments and external parties.”

Owner of this statement dealt with multi-discipline departments as part of his work. He might not put under Responsibilities (probably because it was not an independent responsibility but simply one of requirements to do the job) or under Accomplishment (probably because he did not have positive result associated with working together with various departments). Regardless of any reason, he wanted to emphasize his priceless capabilities of how he best served internal customers or how he encountered any difficulty or project involving various departments. He was more than ready to properly respond to such question as “Please explain in brief how you consider yourself having customer-oriented mind-set.”


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