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Would Training/Seminar/Course Increase the Value? (1)

We have seen lots of resumes or CVs which contain attended trainings; some of which even take one page alone. Wow…..

Can we increase our selling point by listing down all trainings we have attended? Possibly to some extent.

Let’s say I were a college student (or just graduated) and lack of true work experience. From readers’ point of view, would putting the attended trainings or seminars on resume increase my value? Yes, this is to show my eagerness and enthusiasm (I’ve done the homework to prepare myself to come to the real world). The more relevant the trainings/seminars to the work fields I plan get into, the better.

Let’s say I were an accountant with 10 years of experience. I joined a seminar on sophisticated relevant financial report for CEO or took advanced accounting system training. Would disclosing both or any of them in resume increase my value? Hard to say; readers may think, “He has been in the field for 10 years, and he still does not know how to put in order the relevant financial report for CEO? Where has he been?”

Let’s say I were an engineer with 10 years of experience. I recently took a course to earn one engineering certification. Is it worth disclosing? It depends on which value to disclose. If we put the certification earned in resume, it has value. If we write the course taken, it does not. Kindly be noted that in many countries, people attending seminar or training will earn some type of completion certificate. The engineering certification mentioned earlier is not meant to be similar to this kind of completion certificate.


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